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• Providing the best quality steel bolted water tanks to Clermont for over 50 years
• Highly qualified and experienced tank erection crews
• 30+ year design life
• Minimum 2mm thick galvanised steel

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Clermont Water Tanks

For over a hundred years, Southern Cross have been designing and building water tanks Clermont residents can trust.
Clermont locals know that they have the backing and support of one of the most iconic names in Australian water storage and water solutions.
Due to many people in Queensland being mindful of their water harvesting and water storage needs, many still turn to a Southern Cross water tank to help meet their needs.
Clermont is a major hub for many coalmines in the region, but also services many local agricultural areas which primarily serve for sheep grazing.

Water Tank Sizes

With a range of tank sizes from 26kL – 600kL in our rural tanks, and from 12kL – 1900kL in our commercial tanks (with sizes outside this range available on request) you can rest assured that we have the right size tank to suit your water storage needs.

YT Series Galvanised Steel Round Tank Sizes

TL Series Tank Sizes

Water Tank Colours

All Southern Cross Tanks can come in either standard ZINCALUME ® Galvanised Steel, or any of the following colours, which would be factory applied to the external wall sheets prior to shipping.

Water Storage Challenges

Rain is a pleasant sight for many people across Queensland, but due to modern conveniences like as roads and paving, significant rain can bring about flash flooding, damaging homes and the ecosystem.
By attaching a roof gutter system, and linking it up to a rainwater tank, you can help prevent large amount of storm water run-off and minimise the risk of flash flooding.
Thanks to low population density, its inland position and good water catchment systems in the region, the last major flooding event Clermont experienced was over 100 years ago in 1916.
Bushfires and the Australian Summer

Regrettably, as a result of most of Australia’s climate, bushfires are a constant risk in the long, hot summers, and Clermont is no exception. Despite most of the region’s rains coming in the summer months, the lush grasses and warm days can quickly cause brushfires.

The good news is, Southern Cross are the fire tank experts, and can fit your residence or industrial space with a fire tank to protect your property at the time of wildfires.
If your property is affected by a bushfire, we recommend that you get your water examined for safety before continuing to use it for potable or drinking purposes. The tank will still be appropriate for watering gardens or fire protection.
The Clermont climate
Clermont, sitting at some 261m above sea level, is considered to have a local steppe climate. Local steppe climates are considered to be semi arid, with low rainfall and plentiful sunshine.
The semi arid conditions in Clermont means that it does experience reasonably low rainfall, especially compared to towns a little closer to the coast, with an annual average of 663mm.
Clermont was originally settled due to its close proximity to coal and gold deposits, however the wide grassy plains have made it ideal for grazing of livestock, particularly sheep.

Why Choose Southern Cross Water?

For over fifty years, Southern Cross has been providing high top quality steel bolted storage tanks to Australians, and every one of our tanks have a 30+ year design life.

Our tanks are backed by over 100 years of winning tank design, and Australian innovation.
Every one of our steel bolted tanks include a 10-year warranty.
The mining tank specialists
At Southern Cross, we specialise not only in the design and manufacture of Australian mining water storage, but also the installation and service life. We take pride in the integrity and design of our mining water tanks.
All Southern Cross tanks are engineered and designed in house, and if required can be engineered for unique locations, including cyclonic or high wind settings, and some seismic conditions.
Southern Cross can also provide tanks that meet international fire and process water codes if required under special circumstances.
Over 100 years of experience
In 1903, the original Southern Cross windmill was manufactured by the Griffiths family at the Toowoomba Foundry, and soon after so was the first Southern Cross water tank, leaving us with unparalleled expertise in taking care of towns like Clermont’s water storage needs.
With the first Bolted Steel Round Water Tank being produced by Southern Cross in the late 60’s, we’ve been a haven for over fifty years of continued innovation.
Squatter Tanks were an innovative way for Australians to store vast quantities of water in an effecting and affordable manner – some of these tanks are still standing to this day.
As Aussie as a meat pie at the footy

When the Southern Cross brand was born of the Toowoomba Foundry, there was no little chance the Griffiths family could have anticipated the brand going on the become an iconic Australian company, still operation over a hundred years later.

Not only does Southern Cross still operate out of Loganholme, we are an Australian owned company, servicing Australians from all walks of life, including irrigators, families, schools and many more.
Reliable in a pinch

In 2015 at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, a water tank built by one of our rivals experienced a structural failure, leading the tank to burst, flooding approximately 2.5 million litres of water to flood Kawana Way, causing wreckage, and even washing away a family vehicle.

Following this tragedy, the site’s developer turned to Southern Cross to build two new tanks on the site, and the quality of these Southern Cross tanks served to set the benchmark for many commercial projects from that point onward.

Clermont Local Knowledge

An unfortunate combination of a once in 500 year flood, and poor placement of the original town resulted in much of Clermont being flooded in 1916. The town was then moved and a tree now sits in the place of the old town as a monument to the tragedy.
In 2016 the nearby Blair Athol mine made headlines when it was sold by Rio Tinto to TerraCom for $1.
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