Galvanised Water Storage and Fire Storage Tanks

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Southern Cross® Tank Stands

Galvanised Steel – perfect for rural, domestic & industrial applications

Southern Cross® galvanised steel tankstands provide elevated storage for reliable water pressure & ensure that a reservoir of water is always available in case of pump failure or other emergencies. The standard GY range has 4 deck sizes to support tanks from 4.5KL – 22.5KL at heights up to 15m.

We offer suitable decking, ladders and handrails to meet most requirements.

Standard sizes range from 1.5 to 15 metres, however Southern Cross Water tankstands are available for particular customer offers up to 30 metres high. The hot dip galvanised finish guarantees a long maintenance free life.

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Southern Cross Water Use Galvanised Steel

Southern Cross Water galvanised steel tankstands are available in sizes from 1.5m to 15 metres above ground. All parts from the foundation bolts to the channel steel bearers – including the galvanised decking – are steel & heavily galvanised to ensure protection against the costly damage caused by corrosion, fire, white ants & borers.

Polyethylene, Fibreglass & Liner Type Tanks:

Manufacturers of some of the types of tanks do not recommend the use of corrugated steel decking. For these installations, Southern Cross Water can supply alternative materials or supply tankstands less decking, with suitable decking being supplied by the purchaser.

Different decking material for our tank stands are available; this is to support the different tank materials Poly / Steel tanks. We are also able to offer tank stands with no decking if required.

Standard tankstands using the sizes and types of tanks listed are for use in non-cyclonic rural areas. For special applications please contact us.

Southern Cross Water Tanks

The table below sets out the various sizes of steel Southern Cross Water tanks, which can be used with standard Southern Cross Water tankstands.

The standard range of “GY” tank stands vary in height from 1.5m to 15m (from ground to deck).
These stands are capable of supporting tanks between 4.5kL (1000 Gal) and 22.5kL (4950 Gal).

Southern Cross Water can manufacture & supply galvanised steel tankstands, larger than the standard range of sizes listed below to suit particular customer requirements for heights up to 30 metres.

Tank Stand Heights and Size Requirements

In addition to the standard range, Southern Cross® offers a design / supply service which can “engineer to order” stands of most sizes and configurations