Galvanised Water Storage and Fire Storage Tanks

Need Rainwater Tank Maintenance or Repair?

Water Tank Maintenance

Southern Cross® Water provide comprehensive tank inspection and reporting services on all types & makes of storage tanks to ensure the safe and reliable storage of water.

Using an unmanned remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Southern Cross® Water can conduct detailed internal inspections of all types of water tanks. This method negates the risks associated with using commercial divers or lowering people into emptied tanks. This allows inspections to be conducted safely, quickly and with minimal impact on water services.

Our maintenance & site check inspections of existing tanks offer reports that provide comprehensive recommendations for any rectification or upgrade works that may be required to maintain structural integrity. Our experienced maintenance personnel can conduct inspections and basic maintenance with little or no disruption to water services.

Tank Cleaning

Using specially trained tank maintenance personnel, Southern Cross® Water offers programmed tank cleaning and maintenance contracts on all new and replacement tanks in general accordance with AS1851-2012 & AS3500

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Tank Repairs and Relines

After many years of service, water tanks can become structurally unsound, if they are not regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with their relevant maintenance manual which could result in a structural failure. Southern Cross® Water is able to ascertain structural integrity and make structural upgrades where required

This may include replacing tie-rods, strengthening and replacing wall panels & connections, as well as adding a side access manway, replacing or repairing stiffeners, trusses, roofs and liners.

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Southern Cross® Water offers an extensive range of coatings and liner systems suitable for Southern Cross®, APT, Encon and all other steel (round or rectangular) and concrete tanks, ensuring safe, reliable water storage solutions for any application or installation environment.

The liners available at Southern Cross® Water are heavy duty and suit applications including Fire, Potable, Chilled Water & Demineralise tanks complete with roof liners.