Southern Cross® has delivered high quality water storage solutions for all needs and purposes.

Do You Have A Water Storage Project We Can Help With?

RO Water Tank in WA
Thermal Energy Storage system for a project in WA
Snow Loading Water Tanks
Two custom Snow Loading Tanks for a NSW project
350kL Fire Tanks for Warehouse
2 x 350kL Fire Tanks for a South Australian Warehouse
four large ro water storage tanks
Four 1ML RO Water Tanks for Pittsworth Queensland site
SxWater Fire Naracoorte
Two new 154kL fire water tanks for a site in Naracoorte SA
tall wastewater tank in queensland
500kL Wastewater Tank installed at Queensland factory
Two 150kL fire tanks for Queensland mine site
25 kL fire tank for Queensland School
Two new 152kL fire tanks for warehouse project
1 ML process water tank for Northern NSW project
146kL Effluent tank for South Australian project
172kL truck fill tank for Queensland mine site
285kL potable water tank for Queensland shire
Two new 175kL fire tanks for warehouse project
Two new 36kL fire tanks for NQ Warehouse

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