Mining Water Tanks

Southern Cross® Water Tanks

  • High quality mining water tanks, wastewater storage tanks, water treatment tanks, process water tanks and truck fill tanks

  • Highly qualified tank erection crews

  • Minimum 2mm thick galvanised steel

  • 30+ year design life

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Southern Cross® Knows Mining Water Tanks

Southern Cross® knows the needs of the Australian Mining Industry, and we’ve been providing water tanks for mining projects around Australia for decades. We are able to provide the right storage tank for your needs, with a range that includes Fire Tanks, Wastewater Tanks, Mining Tanks and tanks for Water Treatment and Thermal Energy Storage.

All of our commercial and mining water tanks are constructed from minimum 2mm thick galvanised steel. We have an experienced team of engineers who have worked with a range of clients to meet their specific water storage needs.

Over 100 years of Australian innovation

At Southern Cross®, we’ve been designing and constructing water tanks for Australian homes and businesses for over 100 years. The Southern Cross® name was born out of the Toowoomba Foundry all the way back in 1903, and we’ve remained dedicated to assisting Australians from all walks of life with their water storage requirements.
The first Southern Cross® steel bolted water tank was designed in the late 60’s, and what has followed has been over 50 years of Australian innovation and improvement, so you know that every Southern Cross® water tank is backed by half a century of quality design and construction.
An Australian owned and operated company, Southern Cross® still operates out of Loganholme to this day, and whilst we’re a little while down the highway from our ancestral home of Toowoomba, we remain dedicated to supplying high quality water storage for all Australians.

Specialist Water Tanks For The Mining Industry

Process Water Tanks

Southern Cross Water® understands how important adequate process water storage is for any mine site, and offer a range of base sizes from 12kL to 1900kL available.

Larger sizes than this, or tanks built to meet certain specifications are also available on request.
Fire Tanks

Southern Cross® are experts when it comes to providing tanks for fire protection or fire storage systems. Our steel fire storage tanks are fire resistant, meaning your emergency water will be kept safe.

Our fire tanks are AS2419.1 and AS2304 certified, codes related to Fire Protection and Fire Hydrant systems.

Wastewater Tanks

Southern Cross® offers large modular wastewater tanks for mine sites and other commercial applications. All of our wastewater tanks meet AS3500.1 certification for Plumbing and drainage Water services.

All Southern Cross® tanks have a 30+ year design life, to ensure that you have a long term solution.

Truck Fill Tanks

At Southern Cross® we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient access to water storage on a mine site.

Our Truck Fill Tanks are designed by our team of expert engineers, and are built with minimum 2mm thick Galvanised steel to ensure reliability.

Commercial Water Tank Series

Our mining water tanks come in two variants for water storage, our round YT Series or square ST Series.

YT Series Tanks
✓ Fire Services  
✓ Potable Water  
✓ Building Services  
✓ Wastewater  
✓ Water Treatment  
✓ Process Water (Mining & Power Generation)  
✓ Thermal Energy Storage

Our YT series tanks are pre-fabricated and flat packed on manufacture, in order to ensure easy transportation. Thanks to our specialised hydraulic erection equipment, there is no need or scaffolding or working at heights, and the bolt together design requires no welding, cutting or coating. This greatly reduces installation time and minimises exposure to occupational health and safety issues.

ST Series GRP Tanks
✓ Building Services  
✓ Process Water  
✓ Air Conditioning  
✓ Potable Water  
✓ Fire Sprinkler Systems

Southern Cross® Square Tanks are constructed from chemically inert materials, and are fully prefabricated for ease of transport. Their bolt together design requires no on-site welding. GRP square tanks are equipped with concave drainage panels in order to ensure complete and fast drainage.

For rural or residential tanks click here for more information.

Water Storage You Can Rely On

Southern Cross® Water has a proven record of providing Water Storage Solutions that you can rely on in a pinch.

In 2015 there was a catastrophic structural failure of a storage tank that had been built by one of our competitors at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. This caused that tank to burst, flooding approximately 2.5 million litres of water over the nearby Kawana Way, and even washing away a nearby family car.

In the aftermath of this the sites developer turned to Southern Cross® to build two replacement 2.7 million litre storage tanks, and ensured they were held to rigorous standards. Those standards are now used as a benchmark in a range of commercial projects to this day, and is just further proof of the quality of service Southern Cross provides.

Our Past Work

Have a look below at some of the work we’ve done for mine sites in the past, and to look at more of our past projects, click here.

Two 150kL fire tanks for a mine site in Blackwater QLD
172kL truck fill tank for a mine in Caval Ridge QLD
One of four water storage tanks built for a mine site in Carrapateena SA

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