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  • Providing top quality steel rainwater tanks to Lismore for over fifty years
  • Experienced and highly professional tank installation teams
  • 30+ year design life
  • Made with minimum 2mm thick galvanised steel

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Lismore Water Tanks

Lismore is situated on a low flood plain on the banks of the Wilsons River near the latter’s junction with Leycester Creek. The original settlement initially developed as a grazing property, then became a timber and agricultural based town and inland port based around substantial river traffic,
With decades of experience in building windmills and water tanks Lismore can rely on, Southern Cross is here for your water storage needs.
People of New South Wales, similar to the rest of the nation, are conscious of their water storage needs, and thousands across Australia still need rainwater tanks to help them meet these requirements.
Every Southern Cross water tank that gets installed has the backing of over 150 years of Australian innovation and water harvesting expertise.

Water Tank Sizes

Southern Cross Water Tanks come in a range from 26kL – 600kL in our rural rainwater tanks, and 12kL – 1900kL in our commercial water storage tanks (with sizes outside this range available on request).

With this range of tanks and sizes, you know that whatever your water storage requirements, Southern Cross has the tank for you.

TL Series Tank Sizes

YT Series Galvanised Steel Round Tank Sizes

Water Tank Colours

If it’s more than just the standard ZINCALUME ® finish you’re looking for, you’re in luck, as all of our water tanks can be finished with any of the COLORBOND ® colours, which will be factory applied prior to shipping.

Water Storage Challenges

While many people across our dry nation relish the sight of rain, changing weather conditions, and modern infrastructure have led to increasing cases of storm water run off and flash flooding.
A rain water tank, along with adequate guttering can help keep some of this water from entering streets and stormwater systems, helping reduce the risk of stormwater run off.
In the event of a storm that caused 100mm of rainfall in just 24 hours, it would take just 100 houses with rain water tanks and adequate guttering to prevent 2 million litres of storm water run off from entering storm drains and roads.
Bushfires and the Australian Summer
Australia is world renowned for having long hot summers, and if you discount the obvious outlier in Antarctica, is the driest continent on the planet. This, coupled with the life cycle of many native plants, leaves much of New South Wales susceptible to widespread bushfires.
Thankfully, Southern Cross Water are experts in the fire tank industry, with skilled tank crews ready to fit your domestic, rural or commercial site with fire protection water storage.
A steel water tank fares better than any other in fire conditions, and crucially is more likely to retain water through a fire front. However if your tank does come close to a fire, it is crucial to have it assessed for water safety before using it for residential water use.
The Lismore climate
Lismore experiences a humid subtropical climate with mild to warm temperatures all year round and ample rainfall.
Rain falls year round in Lismore, but is much more prominent in the warmer months, with an annual rainfall averaging 1,343mm.
This climate attracted many different industries to the area, including timber mills and graziers, and by the early 20th century, Lismore was the richest dairy district in Australia.

Why Choose Southern Cross Water?

For more than half a century Southern Cross Water have been supplying top quality steel water storage tanks to Australian businesses and families. All Southern Cross tanks have a 30+ year design life.

Every water tank we manufacture has the backing of over a hundred years of successful tank design and over 150 years of Australian innovation and ingenuity.
Every Southern Cross steel bolted tank includes a ten year conditional warranty.
The fire tank specialists

We at Southern Cross take pride in the stability and design of our fire storage tanks. We’re experts in the design, production, installation and servicing of water storage systems for the worldwide fire protection industry.

Every tank we fabricate is in-house designed and engineered, and can be built for all applications, including specific seismic positions, and to endure high-wind and cyclonic areas.
Tanks that comply to additional global fire codes could be designed and supplied to certain customer demands.
Over 100 years of experience

Way back in 1871, a Mr George Washington Griffiths established an ironmongery and mechanical repair shop in Toowoomba that would go on to become Southern Cross Windmills.

The first Southern Cross Windmill rolled off the Toowoomba Foundry line in 1903, and the Griffiths brothers developed a knack for water, with pumps, tanks and further windmills following.
Ever since then, Southern Cross Water has continued to be committed to providing Australians functional and economical water storage solutions– the fact that some of the original squatter tanks still stand today is testament to this drive for quality and success.
As Aussie as a meat pie at the footy

With Southern Cross windmills and water tanks dotted throughout this large nation of ours, the Griffiths brothers would surely be proud and amazed of what an icon the little windmill company they built has become.

While over a hundred years have gone by, Southern Cross Water Tanks and Southern Cross Windmills are still manufactured in Queensland to this day.
Reliable in a pinch

When a water tank suffered a structural failure at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in 2015, it showed how important tank integrity is, as two and a half million litres of water washed a passenger vehicle off of nearby Kawana Way.

In the wake of this mishap, the site’s developer looked to Southern Cross to build a pair of new tanks on the site, and the quality of these Southern Cross tanks served to set the standard for many industrial projects from that point onward.

Lismore Facts

In 1963 Lismore made history, by being the first Australian city or town to form a sister city relationship with a Japanese city, formalising this agreement with the city of Yamatotakada in the Nara Prefecture.
What to do in Lismore
As well as having a wander on Lismore’s Walkabout Cafe and Culture Trail, and visiting the historic churches and hotels, why not head out of town and visit Robinsons Lookout, with panoramic views to the west over Wilsons River to South Lismore and north over the town to Blue Knob, Mt Nardi and Mt Matheson.