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  • Providing top quality steel rainwater tanks to South West Rocks for over fifty years
  • Experienced and highly professional tank installation teams
  • 30+ year design life
  • Made with minimum 2mm thick galvanised steel

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South West Rocks Water Tanks

South West Rocks is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, near the mouth of the Macleay River. It is approximately 40 km from Kempsey.
When it comes to water tanks South West Rocks can have faith in, look no further than Southern Cross Water.
All across Australia, people need water tanks to help them meet their water usage requirements, and New South Wales is certainly no exception to the rule.
Every Southern Cross water tank that gets installed has the backing of over 150 years of Australian innovation and water harvesting expertise.

Water Tank Sizes

Southern Cross Water Tanks come in a range from 26kL – 600kL in our rural rainwater tanks, and 12kL – 1900kL in our commercial water storage tanks (with sizes outside this range available on request).

With this range of tanks and sizes, you know that whatever your water storage requirements, Southern Cross has the tank for you.

YT Series Galvanised Steel Round Tank Sizes

TL Series Tank Sizes

Water Tank Colours

All Southern Cross water tanks are made from galvanised steel, and are available in any of the below COLORBOND ® colours – which can be factory applied to the external wall sheets prior to shipping – or in a standard ZINCALUME ® finish.

Water Storage Challenges

In a nation as dry as Australia, rain of any kind is typically a welcome sight, however modern infrastructure such as roads and footpaths, along with changing weather conditions, can often result in flash flooding as a result of storm water run off, which can cause extensive damage.
Thanks to the amount of rainwater that can be harvested from a roof with adequate guttering, installing a rainwater tank can help relieve some of the stress on stormwater systems.
If a storm deposits 100mm of rainfall in South West Rocks in a 24 hour period, just 100 dwellings fitted with water tanks can keep 2 million litres of water off of roads and storm drains.
Bushfires and the Australian Summer
Australia’s famed hot summer weather and year round sunshine comes at a cost, with the nation holding the title of the driest (non-Antarctica) continent on earth. This comes with the unwanted risk of common bushfires across the country.
It is important to have adequate fire protection in a country so arid, and Southern Cross are specialists in fire protection, with a crew of experienced tank erection crews ready to help improve your fire protection.
A steel water tank fares better than any other in fire conditions, and most importantly is more likely to hold water through a fire front. However if your tank does come close to a fire, it is crucial to have it assessed for water safety before utilising it for residential water use.
The South West Rocks climate
South West Rocks has a warm and wet humid subtropical climate, with hot wet summers, and cooler but still warm and wet winters.
Getting good rainfall year round, South West Rocks experiences an average of 1488mm annually, typically in just 138 days, leaving more than 200 days of sunshine a year.
This climate and seaside location, along with the proximity to northern hubs like Kempsey, has made South West Rocks an attractive tourist location.

Why Choose Southern Cross Water?

Southern Cross have been a designer and supplier of high quality steel water tanks for over half a century, and continue to service Australian businesses and families. All Southern Cross tanks feature a 30+ year design life.

Behind every one of our tanks, you’ll find the expertise that comes with over 150 years of Australian innovation and ingenuity.
With each Southern Cross steel water tank comes a 10 years conditional warranty.
The fire tank specialists

As specialists in the servicing, installation, design and manufacture of worldwide water storage systems, we take pride in the design and integrity of our fire tanks.

We manufacture, engineer and design all of our water tanks in house, and we can engineer them for specific applications, including some seismic conditions, and high-wind and cyclonic settings.
We can also design and produce tanks that comply with international fire codes if needed.
Over 100 years of experience

Way back in 1871, a Mr George Washington Griffiths established an ironmongery and mechanical repair shop in Toowoomba that would one day become Southern Cross Windmills.

The Toowoomba Foundry manufactured the first Southern Cross Windmill in 1903, and it was soon followed up by tanks and pumps, and the first steel bolted water tanks were produced by the 1960’s.
And it didn’t stop there. Southern Cross have continued to be committed to supplying Australians with economical and practical water storage solutions, and several of the original squatter tanks from over 50 years ago still stand today!
As Aussie as a meat pie at the footy
When the Griffiths family started the Southern Cross brand out of a newly anointed city named Toowoomba more than a century ago, there’s no way they could have foreseen the rural Australian icon it has become.
In the more than hundred years since, Southern Cross has continued to operate out of Queensland headquarters, and has even regained Australian ownership.
Reliable in a pinch

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital was struck by disaster in 2015, when a water storage tank on the site sustained a structural failure, leading to two and a half million litres of water to flood Kawana Way – a nearby road – and wash away a passing vehicle.

Following this tragedy, the site’s developer looked to Southern Cross to construct a pair of new tanks on the site, and the quality of these Southern Cross tanks served to set the standard for many commercial projects from that point onward.

South West Rocks Facts

South West Rocks got its name most likely from the captains of passing ships, who claimed it was safest to moor vessels near the rocks, south west of Laggers Point.
Arakoon was originally established as the township on Trial Bay in 1866. However, by 1889, South West Rocks had established itself as a popular bathing resort with people of the Macleay Valley.
What to do in South West Rocks
Explore the historic ruins of Trial Bay Gaol, perched on the cliffs above the sea. Taking 13 years to build, it opened in 1886. In the First World War it was an internment camp for people of German descent living in Australia.
Of course if it’s beaches you like, you’ll be spoiled for choice along Trial Bay, with the warm ocean in the area fed by the East Coast current which flows down from the tropical regions.