Is it safe to drink water from a rainwater tank?

Is rainwater from water tanks safe to drink?

Water Quality

Water tanks are common on most rural and semi rural properties in Australia, where thanks to lower air pollution, the water caught on these roofs is typically safe to drink, however, it is still important to ensure that your water is free of pollutants.

You can do this by ensuring that your gutters and downpipes are clean, clearing your roof of any overhanging branches, and ensuring that your inlet has a mesh covering to prevent any contaminants entering your tank.

You may also look into installing a first flush diverter, or a water filter on any taps, to further ensure the quality of your rainwater.

Ensure that you are not collecting water from a roof that is made from treated wood, or bituminous products, or has come into contact with lead paint or a chimney from a wood burner.

Water Tank Materials

The quality of your tank, and the materials it is made of is also important when considering the safety of your potable water storage.

Most water tanks in Australia are constructed from steel or polyurethane, with size and price typically being the determinate factors in this choice. While most polyurethane water tanks, tanks to being made from a UV resistant plastic, are safe for the storage of potable water, for a steel water tank, it is important to make sure that it has a water tank liner installed to ensure the ongoing freshness of the water stored inside.
If you are unsure about the quality of the water in your tank, there are a wide range of water testing services and kits that you can use to check on the quality of your water storage.

Are any other safeguards required?

While some people choose to boil, or filter their water (or even both!) typically if your catchment area, pipes, gutters and tank are well maintained, and the water looks, smells and tastes clear, the risk of getting sick is low.

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For further information on water storage, refer to your state’s recommendations on drinking water.

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