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How Much Does a Water Tank Cost?

Everyone’s water storage needs are different, for a variety of reasons. Some people have less space to keep a tank, some people’s water storage needs are higher than others, due to property size or family size, and some don’t have the roof catchment area to justify a large tank.

People also have different reasons for installing a rainwater tank, some because they prefer the taste of rainwater for drinking water, some looking to save on their water bill, or to become independent on mains water completely, others rely on a water storage tank as their sole source of household water supply.

At Southern Cross® we believe there is a water tank for everyone, and with our wide range of steel liner tanks ranging from our 4.4m diameter 26kL (5700 gallon) Homestead range tanks, all the way up to our 16m diameter 600kL (131,800 gallon) Jumbo range tanks, we have the perfect water tank to suit your water harvesting needs and your budget.

Our Homestead Range Tanks start from $2425.00**, meaning that anyone can have access to reliable water storage from one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted brands in water harvesting solutions

What other costs should I be aware of?

Costs associated with preparing your site for tank installation are not included in the price of your tank. This includes having a sand pad of clean inert sand, and if required the cost of having this pad prepared by a labourer.

You also may be required to have your tank filled to a certain level after construction for the stability of the tank and liner, so you may want to contact a local contractor regarding water pricing and water fees before your install date.

Many rainwater tanks, particularly those used for domestic purposes, may require some water tank accessories that do not come standard with the water tank, and these will also impact the overall price of your rainwater tank.

Any non standard colour applications will also effect the price of your tank, contact us to learn more about these options.

**Price for 26kL homestead range tank without any optional accessories. Prices will vary dependent on delivery fees by state, colour, size and tank accessories chosen.

What Size Water Tank Do I Need?

How much water do you use?

Typically, a home requires 30kL of water storage for every person living in the home. While this can differ based on your personal water usage, it is a pretty good start point for determining your required volume of water storage.

If you already have a current rainwater tank and are just looking to increase your capacity, you could use how much your current water storage is lacking as a guide to work out how much you need to increase it by.

How much catchment area do you have?

The size of the house or shed roof that you are using to catch water from is important for the amount of water you can catch, which will directly impact your tank size. Simply put, there is no point having a 100kL rainwater tank if you are only able to capture 60kL of rainwater.

In order to determine the volume of water you can harvest annually, multiply your roof catchment area by your average annual rainfall. For example if your roof size is 200m² and your annual rainfall is 800mm, then your roof harvesting ability would be up to 160kL per year.

If you are harvesting water from a dam or bore however, your water storage capacity may be considerably higher.

Water Tank Sizes

Our rural TL Series Tanks come in two variants, the Homestead Range and the Jumbo Range.

"Homestead" Range

⮞ Heavy duty liner & retaining strips

⮞ Galvanised angle steel top & bottom rings with fishplate joiners

⮞ 1mm galvanised steel side sheets

⮞ Pre-cut holes for 50NB outlet and overflow

⮞ Bolt cover strips

⮞ Galvanised bolts, nuts & washers

"Jumbo" Range

⮞ Heavy duty liner & retaining strips.

⮞ Galvanised angle steel top & bottom rings with fishplate joiners

⮞ Galvanised steel vertical outside battens & bands

⮞ 1.6mm galvanised steel side sheets

⮞ Pre-cut holes for 100NB outlet and overflow

⮞ Bolt cover strips

⮞ Galvanised bolts, nuts & washers

⮞ Inside ladder

For commercial or fire tanks click here for more information.

Why Choose Southern Cross® Water?

Southern Cross® have been building water tanks that Australians can rely on for over 100 years. Formed by the Griffiths family out of the Toowoomba Foundry way back in 1903, Southern Cross is committed to assisting Australians with their water storage and water harvesting needs.

Our first steel bolted water tank was built in the late 60’s, and we’ve overseen more than 50 years of Australian innovation and improvement, and are confident in the design and structure of our rainwater tanks.

Southern Cross® still operate out of Loganholme to this day, and while we may have moved a few hours from our ancestral roots in Toowoomba, remain an Australian owned company dedicated to building high quality water tanks for Australians of all walks of life.

Steel or Poly Water Tanks?

When looking at rainwater tank prices, many people weigh up the cost-effectiveness of buying one or even two poly storage tanks over a steel tank, as poly rainwater tanks are typically cheaper, lighter and easier to install than steel bolted rainwater tanks, and can be seen as better value, but there’s more to consider when it comes to your water storage needs.  

Poly water tanks

Poly water tanks or Polyethylene water tanks are a type of plastic water tank made from the world’s most common food safe plastic, maiking them perfectly safe for potable water – more commonly known as drinking water – storage facilities.

Poly tanks are fully prefabricated, and are placed on the site already constructed.

There are a few types of poly tank available:

  • Round tanks
  • Slimline tanks
  • Underground water tank or under deck tanks

Steel water tanks

Steel water tanks are larger water storage tanks, typically prefabricated and bolted together on site. To keep your drinking water clean, and to reduce the risk of rust and corrosion, the large steel water tank is fitted with a tank liner.

Southern Cross® rural steel bolted water tanks start from 26kL (5700 gallon) all the way up to 600kL (131 800 gallon).

Steel tanks become more cost-effective the larger they get, with Poly rainwater tanks having better pricing at lower quantities, but the larger volume of water needed, the better priced steel water tanks become. Steel water tanks are also more likely to stand the test of time better than poly rainwater tanks, with all Southern Cross® tanks having a 30+ year design life.

When choosing between steel rainwater tank and poly rainwater tank prices, it is important to factor all of these components into your calculations in terms of which water tank is best for you.

More Information?

Still not sure?

For more information regarding water tanks, and to get a correct price quoted for your rainwater tank including any tank accessories, colours and your exact location, give one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff a cal on (07) 3441 5600 or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.