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Southern Cross® Water Tanks

  • Australian Made farm water tanks and rural water
    tanks for potable water, stock feeding and irrigation.

  • Highly qualified tank erection crews

  • 30+ year design life

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Your One Stop Shop for Rural Water Tanks

Over 100 years of experience in building tanks for Australia

Formed out of the Toowoomba Foundry in 1871, the first Windmill under the name Southern Cross was sold in 1903, and the first Southern Cross Water Tank followed not long after that.

For over a century, Southern Cross® have been committed to providing Australians with high quality water storage solutions, and our range of farm water tanks is no exception. We have rural water tanks for all purposes, from family homes, to irrigators and graziers to fire protection, Southern Cross Water Tanks is here to help.

A Range of Water Tanks for All Purposes

Rural Liner Tanks

Need water for household or farm use? Look no further than our TL Series Liner Tanks. Farm water tanks equipped with a food grade liner designed to keep your water fresh and safe for drinking.

Available in a range of capacities from 26kL – 600kL.

Squatter Tanks

Liner free farming water tanks for storage of large quantities of non-potable water. Southern Cross Squatter Tanks were one of the first ways of providing a solution for storing large quantities of water at an affordable price.

Squatter tanks are available in a variety of roofed or non-roofed models.

Rural Water Tank Series

Our rural tanks are available in two variants, our TL Series of Liner Tanks, or our Squatter Tanks.

TL Series Tanks

✓ Potable Supplies

✓ Stock Watering

✓ Bore Water

✓ Raw Water

✓ Rainwater Harvesting

Squatter Tanks

✓ Rainwater Storage

✓ Irrigation Storage

✓ Raw Water Storage

✓ Remote Community Water Supply

✓ Elevated Storage

Water Storage You Can Rely On

Southern Cross® has a proven record of providing Water Storage Solutions that you can rely on in a pinch.

In 2015 there was a catastrophic structural failure of a storage tank that had been built by one of our competitors at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. This caused that tank to burst, flooding approximately 2.5 million litres of water over the nearby Kawana Way, and even washing away a nearby family car.

In the aftermath of this the sites developer turned to Southern Cross® to build two replacement 2.7 million litre storage tanks, and ensured they were held to rigorous standards. Those standards are now used as a benchmark in a range of commercial projects to this day, and is just further proof of the quality of service Southern Cross provides.

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