Commercial and Rural Steel Water Tank Sizes

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YT Series (Commercial and Fire) Tank Features:

YT Series Tanks Installation Applications and Advantages:

Southern Cross® are backed by more than 100 years of successful tank design, manufacture and installation. 
These YT Series Water Storage Tanks are installed worldwide in a range of applications and come with a 10 year warranty.
✓ Fire Services  
✓ Potable Water  
✓ Building Services  
✓ Wastewater  
✓ Water Treatment  
✓ Process Water (Mining & Power Generation)  
✓ Thermal Energy Storage
The modular design of Southern Cross® YT Series Tanks has significant advantages over conventional concrete and welded steel tanks.
These modular tanks are pre-fabricated and flat packed to ensure easy transportation. This also means that no mater what water tank sizes are required, there is no need for on-site rigging, welding, cutting or coating, just take the right amount of panels and go.
​YT Series Tanks are installed from the roof down utilising specialised hydraulic erection equipment. This removes the need to work at heights, reducing risk of injury, and speeding up installation. Southern Cross® have fully qualified and highly experienced tank erection crews available for tank installations in any location.

YT Series Commercial Water Tank Sizes

Tl Series Rural Series Optional Tank Accessories:

Rural Liner Tanks Installation Applications and Advantages:

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The Southern Cross liner tanks range is for rainwater tanks for the home, to either replace or reduce mains water. 
Southern Cross® TL Series Tanks are installed across the country and around the world in a range of applications and come with a 10 year warranty. 

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✓ Drinking Water
✓ Household Water
✓ Bore Water
✓ Raw Water
✓ Effluent Storage
✓ Stock Watering
✓ Rainwater Harvesting
The liner tanks developed by Southern Cross in the early 1980’s were the first liner tanks to be manufactured in Australia. 
The designs of these were adapted from the more robust squatter tank, as a more affordable water storage option, with rainwater tank sizes more applicable to the home or farm.
These liner tanks include:
  • ​Single thickness 1mm – 1.6mm galvanized steel wall panels.
  • ​One piece heavy duty food grade polypropylene tank liner, resistant to acidic/alkaline water and other liquids.
  • ​Low profile heavy duty galvanized roof structure.
  • Designed to comply with local requirements associated with seismic activity, wind loads, specific gravity and design life.

Rural Water Tank Sizes

Homestead Range Water Tank Sizes
Jumbo Range Water Tank Sizes

Squatter Tank Features:

Squatter Tanks Installation Applications and Advantages:

Southern Cross Squatter Tanks are the original round water tank, and are installed worldwide in a range of applications and come with a 10 year warranty,  

✓ Elevated storage
✓ Rainwater storage
✓ Irrigation storage
✓ Raw water storage
✓ Remote community water supply
All of our squatter tank wall and floor panels are made from 1.6mm galvanised steel sheets, with bolted, lapped joints and special rubber seals – or gaskets.
SX Squatter Tanks are made all from galvanised steel, constructed to suit all conditions, and are available with open, flat or conical rooves. 
Available with a range of internal and external coatings and paint finishes for added corrosion resistance, aesthetics and increased design life..

Squatter Tank Sizes

Note: kilolitres shown are gross capacities. Where a usable capacity is specified, allowance must be made for air gap and pipework positioning