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Squatter Tank Features:

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Squatter Tank Applications:

Southern Cross® are backed by more than 100 years of successful tank design, manufacture and installation. Southern Cross® Squatter Tanks are installed worldwide in a range of applications and come with a 10 year warranty,

✓ Elevated storage
✓ Rainwater storage
✓ Irrigation storage
✓ Raw water storage
✓ Remote community water supply

All of our squatter tank wall and floor sheets are made from 1.6mm galvanised steel sheets, with bolted, lapped joints and special rubber seals (gaskets).

SX Squatter Tanks are rugged, all galvanised steel, constructed to suit all conditions, and are available with open, flat or conical rooves. Available with a range of internal and external coatings and paint finishes for added corrosion resistance, aesthetics and increased design life.

Designed to comply with all local requirements associated with seismic activity, wind loads, specific gravity and design life.

Southern Cross Tank Colours:

Southern Cross® Squatter Tanks come in standard ZINCALUME®Galvanised Steel, or can have the following colours factory applied to the external wall sheets prior to shipping.

Squatter Tank Sizes

Standard Size Range

Note: kilolitres shown are gross capacities. Where a usable capacity is specified, allowance must be made for air gap and pipework positioning

  • AS4100 Steel Structures Code
  • AS1170 Pt.2 Wind Loading Code
    AS1170 Pt.4 Earthquake Code
  • AS/NZS4600 Cold Formed Steel Structures Code
  • AS3600 Concrete Structures
  • AS/NZS4680 Hot Dip Galvanising Code
  • AS1657 Ladders and Platform Code